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The Chico Zen Sangha (CZS) is a gathering of persons interested in sharing a common Zen practice. The intent is to support each other through mutual encouragement and guidance. Participants come to the Sangha for diverse reasons, but common to all is the longing to make our lives more whole, more meaningful and connected. We sense the possibility of doing this and join each other in the effort.

With roots in both the Soto and Rinzai traditions the Sangha offers guidance in the practice of Zen Buddhism, an emphasis that reflects the training and experience of Lin Jensen, the Sangha Teacher and Chris Gaffney, the Sangha Head of Practice. The tradition of Zen Buddhism is simple and direct, based on meditation and mindfulness. CZS offers meditation instruction, Dharma talks on Zen practice, and upon request, Dokusan (one-on-one interviews with the teacher).

It is not necessary to become a Zen Buddhist or to discard any prior religious or philosophical persuasion in order to participate in the Sangha. Zen is inclusive and encourages people to find their own way. One becomes a member of the Sangha simply by coming and joining in.


A monk asked Zen Master Ikkyu, “What is Zen?”

Ikkyu replied, “Attention! Attention! Attention!”

A monk asked Zen Master Sai of Ungo, “What is Buddha?” 

In reply, the Master said, “Who are you?”

A monk by the name of Echo asked Master Hogen Buneki, “What is Buddha?” 

“You are Echo,” the Master replied.